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Capture hotspot technology applications, layout future development strategies

August 24, 2018

Environmental protection and new technology applications accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry, and intelligent upgrading is the primary task. In order to help the transformation and upgrading of China's foundry industry, build a comprehensive service platform for the industry, the “2018 China Foundry Industry Exhibition”, which will be built by the Foundry Industry Productivity Promotion Center and the Founding Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society, will be held on November 15-17, 2018. Held at the Suzhou International Expo Center.

“2018 China Foundry Industry Exhibition” is a comprehensive platform that focuses on serving foundry companies. As a corporate brand display platform, it will display new materials, intelligent equipment and innovative products in the foundry industry on the spot; the organizer will invite high-quality buyers by virtue of its advantageous industry resources and years of professional office experience; and cooperate with many domestic and foreign cooperative media organizations to organize professional audiences. Group tour; joint professional media at home and abroad to carry out a comprehensive global report on the exhibition and featured exhibits.

"2018 China foundry industry exhibition" covers product and technology release, trend research, expert lectures, young workers exchange meetings, etc., which will bring a feast with rich contents, professional efficiency and frequent highlights to China's foundry industry!

All kinds of new environmentally friendly casting materials exhibited at the last exhibition attracted the attention of buyers in the Yangtze River Delta region and across the country; the new products on display attracted a large number of visitors to consult; many events held in the same period were minted with new technologies. The application in production is mainly from the raw materials, process design to intelligent management system, and the centralized release and detailed explanation, the atmosphere is lively.

The “2018 China Foundry Week” held in the same period will be based on the theme of “Innovation Driven, China's Foundry Industry Upgrade and Change”. The special forum will focus on the hot industry technology application and development trends in the foundry industry.

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