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Looking At The Development Situation of the Foundry Industry From the Perspective of Policy Orientation and New Technology Application

August 24, 2018

In today's world, technological innovation is changing with each passing day. The development of informationization, knowledge, modernization and globalization is unstoppable. The new developing countries are rapidly emerging. The international economy and manufacturing pattern are facing new major developments, major adjustments and major changes. China's manufacturing industry will also usher in new development strategies and challenges.

National policy encourages foreword technology applications

On July 9, 2018, the "Industry Internet Platform Construction and Promotion Guide" triggered by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology aims to accelerate the establishment of the Internet platform system for the industry and accelerate the promotion of the industrial Internet platform.

While the Internet is accelerating, artificial intelligence is becoming a new industry with policy focus. As a 3D printing technology that has been rapidly developed and successfully applied in foundry production in recent years, it has successfully solved many technical problems that cannot be solved by traditional casting processes. 3

D technology has broad prospects in foundry production, and various local governments have successively introduced a number of related policies to encourage the development of the 3D printing industry.

New technology application usher in the era of green intelligent casting

In the past two years, the "strictest" environmental protection governance has eliminated most backward production capacity, which has led to a new round of development of China's foundry industry as a basic industry after the pains of industrial reform. A large number of green environmental protection products and equipment have emerged, and sustainable development has become the mainstream.With the rapid development of information technology, the new intelligent production mode of big data affluent manufacturing industry has been developed.With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence algorithm, the core competitiveness of enterprises is further improved, and China's manufacturing industry is further transformed and upgraded.

At present, the production of large-scale steel casting has made great progress in China. Although it still does not have the technical capacity to produce high-end products, a number of key technology research has made breakthroughs, and the realization of independent production of high-end castings is just around the corner.The technology of aluminum alloy has realized the independent research and development and production of many high-end large thin-wall castings. In the future, the development of high-end castings with more stringent requirements will continue.

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