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Part nameMaterial
BodyCarbon steel
BallStainless steel
Ball sealsPTFE + 20%C
StemStainless steel


1. Body is adopted for seamless steel pipe to press the molding.

2. The overall structure of the body can reduce the external leakage by the full weld manufacturing process; the weight of the valves is greatly reduced and installed much more conveniently.

3. To adopt the spring washer and carbon fiber seal ring, the can support hundreds of thousands of times reciprocating motion. Thus there is no leakage; they ensure the service life of the valve.

4. The valve seal ring can be used continuously without failure in the -40℃ to 200℃ situation.

5. There are many connecting methods, such as butt end, flange end and socket weld etc; there are many open mode, such as handle, gear operation and electric etc.

6. Welded ball valve is widely used in urban central heating, natural gas transmission and regulator station and other areas.

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