PVC Socket Ends Gate Valve


Outside stem and yoke (OS&Y)

Stem Seal with O-ring

Bolt bonnet, Full bore

Rubber encapsulated wedge, Brass Wedge Nut.

Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside , blue RAL 5017 200 Micron thick

Working pressure 250 PSI/17.2 Bar Non-Shock Cold

Coating meets AWWA C550 standards - electrostatically fusion bonded epoxy coating inside and out for excellent corrosion resistance

Socket End Resilient Seated Gate Valves are mainly used in water supply systems. Our products are designed to be leak-free at both low and high pressures.

Valve warranty 2 years, unconditional replacement for quality problems.



0086 -15865327361

0086 15865327361